About us 

What drives us?

“At Paloma, our driving force is to develop products that make a difference for you in your daily life and that you're really happy with. We also want our staff to really enjoy themselves and have fun together. And we want to do good in the community. To put it simply, we're passionate about doing good things!”

Peter Berg, CEO 

What can we offer you?

We have developed three web-based products, Magnet, Postman, and Kurios, and we hope that you will enjoy and benefit from them as much as our existing customers do. You can use the products separately, or together.

What is Postman? 

Postman is our tool for newsletters. Postman enables you to create attractive, marketable, and customised newsletters with ease. A bunch of smart functions let you take your email marketing to new levels. Postman helps you build relationships and increase customer conversion.

What is Magnet? 

Magnet is our event tool. It suits any context where you invite customers and need to receive guest registrations. Magnet is filled with easy and smart functions that help you create stylish and marketable event pages in no time at all. Perfectly suitable whether you’re organising large or small events.

What is Kurios?

Kurios is our survey tool. Using Kurios, you can easily create surveys and questionnaires to get clear and useful feedback on the demands of the market, your customers, or your staff. Anything for you to improve your organisation or company in areas where improvement is needed.

What difference can our products do for you?

We usually ask our existing customers the same question. The answer is partly that Magnet, Postman, and Kurios simplify everyday life, save time, and lower costs. But also that the tools help deepen and strengthen customer relationships, and bring in new customers. In addition, many customers say that they see a steadily increasing conversion rate since they started using our products.

A little bit about us

At owner-managed Paloma, we take care of our customers side by side with our gang of programmers, designers, and developers. We do this from scenic Hedemora in the Province of Dalarna. Together with our best team – our customers – we continuously refine our products.

You might be wondering what's in it for you? Well! You simply get products that we fully control – from start to finish – with a support group that sits close to the development team. And we listen to our customers!

Lastly, a few figures we’re quite proud of ...

  • We have over 2 000 customers
  • Customer support satisfaction is a staggering 97 percent
  • 9 out of 10 customers recommend us
  • We launched the first version in 2002
  • We are 14 employees …
  • … 100 percent of whom recommend Paloma as a place to work

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